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Support to nuclear power in India is overwhelming

It appears that nuclear power generation continues to be a controversial subject. Is it really so? Recent Supreme Court Judgement dismissing several special leave petitions against the Kudankulam NUclear Power Plant, accorded judicial sanctity to setting up nuclear power plants … Continue reading

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Kudankulam: a settled issueMINT has published an article

Kudankulam: a settled issue MINT has published an article titled ” Kudankulam: a settled issue” in Mint today(online on June 16, 2013). You may be able to access it at:    

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Cell tower radiation and cancer clusters

Cell tower radiation and cancer clusters By Dr K S Parthasarathy PTI Feature PF43/2013  dated March 23, 2013 Cell tower radiation has a million times lower energy than x-rays and gamma rays which can make structural changes  in cells in … Continue reading

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Punish Scare mongers on cell tower radiation

Punish Scare mongers on cell tower radiation Recently,  Communications Minister Shri Kapil Sibal, proposed doubling the penalty for violation of  standards on cell tower radiation. It is a welcome step. An equally important step is to identify whether any one … Continue reading

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