Main stream media unwittingly disseminate disinformation on cell phone tower radiation

Leading dailies and electronic media in India are unwittingly spreading disinformation on the effects of cell phone tower radiation.

Rapid , breathtaking dissemination of news colored with the writer’s perception can do lot of damage. Readers tend to believe the stories. Few individuals may look at the authentic and credible sources such as the WHO, UK Health Protection Agency , US FDA etc for reassuring information.

Individuals and companies selling “shields” against radio-frequency radiation publish a laundry list of adverse health effects ranging from headaches to cancer, attributing them to the very visible cell phone towers. The list included every thing except jealousy and baldness! Interested parties spread disinformation through dedicated power point presentations, blogs, seminars etc.

Reporters from leading newspapers and the electronic media vie with each other to spread disinformation. They do not know that they are made willing tools by clever manipulators.I did not see a single journalist challenging the skewed perception on RF radiation effects. This is one instance where there is really no need for investigative journalism. They do not have to retrieve information surreptitiously from “sources”. Can they not collect credible information at the websites of WHO, UK/HPA, American Cancer Society etc before writing on complex issues? These websites answer every question and describe the current status of  these issues.

Measurements of radiation levels clearly demonstrated that they are well within the levels prescribed by the Department of Telecommunication. These permitted levels in India are 10% of the limits stipulated by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNRIP). Now there is a concerted effort to challenge these lower levels are “very very” high!

While congratulating Shri Milind Deora, Minister of  State,Communication and IT on his initiatives to reassure the public, this blogger suggested that  Department of Telecommunication must publish the levels measured at various sites. TRANSPARENCY IS THE BEST DEFENCE AGAINST SCARE-MONGERING.

There is some feedback that the suggestion is being followed up, howvever ,three weeks have passed by, and there is no notable progress. A DOT official has raised an issue which needs resolution. By the time it will be resolved, the limits justifiably being enforced by DOT, will be challenged. Back to square one. It will once again prove the power of power point presentations,blogs, scary stories from individuals probably influenced by vested interests


About ksparthasarathy

I am a former Secretary of the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board. I am a former Raja Ramanna Fellow in the Department of Atomic Energy. Free lance journalism is my hobby
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3 Responses to Main stream media unwittingly disseminate disinformation on cell phone tower radiation

  1. Sankar Narayanan says:

    It is very sad that people who sell ‘ charms ‘ to ward off the the harmful effects of EMR ,use their affiliations to renowned institutions as USP!!


  2. Riya says:

    There is absolutely no 100% scientific evidence on ill effects of radiation, atleast WHO hasnt declared any…. Staying away from home, I feel much safer being connected with my folks & friends always…and I do not want to get call drops if these towers are removed to some god damn location…bringing this issue up looks doctored for some vested interest!


  3. Cool Goofy says:

    Yes Cell Phones Towers produce radiation but I don’t think they are harmful to nay human beings as I have a mobile tower located next to my Bldg since long & we didn’t face any health issues or any fatal diseases. I hope this article gives us clear info on Radiation is harmless…

    Thanks a lot Dr. K.S.Parthasarathy for this valuable blog.


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