My comments on Mr. Levy’s article on Kudankulam Nuclear power plant in Newsweek

The latest Newsweek magazine reprinted Adrian Levy’s article on Kudankulam nuclear power plant. The Center for Public Integrity a US think tank published it a few weeks ago. I published the following comments on it at the end of the Newsweek article:

Kallikattu Sivarama Parthasarathy ·

Mr Adrian Levy criticized India’s nuclear programme in four articles. The fusilade was ineffective. They did not create any ripple in India’s media which largely ignored them. He must be grateful to the NEWS WEEK for its generosity for offering oxygen to a dead story by reprinting it. This article like the rest of them shows that Mr Levy has been reading Indian newspapers for the past few years.The statements of leading antinuclear activists such as S P Udayakumar convinced him how dangerous India’s Kudankulam reactor is! He knows that there is no point in asking India’s specialists about it as they are notoriously incomprehensible in explaining such matters to a lay journalist whose familiar topic is “siege” “terrorism” and such other inane stuff
To give authenticity to his news story he claimed that a few “Government” officials queued up before his residence to handover juicy tidbits and other secret internal memos.The investigative journalist may not know that the Government officials also handed over some of the stuff available in the website of the Department of Atomic Energy.
He dutifully lionized S P Udayakumar,”bespectacled 56-year-old schoolteacher” knowing fully well that he contested the 2014 General Election on an anti nuclear power platformin Kannyakumari constituency and handsomely lost his deposit it by securing1.53% (15,314 out of 9, 90,737) votes.So much for Udayakumar’s popularity in India

In matters of integrity his other articles on India’s nuclear programme fared no better.• Without batting an eyelid, he ignored many peer reviewed scientific papers which gave the levels of uranium and radium in mine and mill effluents in Jadugoda. one of India’s uranium mines ; he had the audacity to highlight the data (probably wrong) from an obscure journal as it promoted his skewed perception. Does it speak of high integrity?”

The Center for Public Integrity will lose whatever integrity left if the augustous think tank engages him for more India stories.

” The text is rich with sinister forebodings based on dubious references, laboured stretching of known facts, and blatant falsehoods.” an erudite critic commented on Adrian’s latest offering.

About ksparthasarathy

I am a former Secretary of the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board. I am a former Raja Ramanna Fellow in the Department of Atomic Energy. Free lance journalism is my hobby
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