In queue for hours for a barbecue: story from the NYT

I could not resist reproducing the following para from the New York Times of January 27. This is about the crazy habit of several hundred persons to wait in queue for several hours to collect and eat reportedly the tastiest barbecue in the US.

“Rain or shine, six days a week, hundreds of men, women and children wait three to five hours or longer to eat some of the most celebrated smoked beef brisket in America. The line has become a thing unto itself ā€” a kind of pregame party for meat, 2,000 pounds of it daily ā€” instead of sport, and the best visible evidence of the cult of Texas barbecue.”

You can read the full story at:

I have heard of similar stories of people waiting for halwa in Madurai, a small town in Tamil Nadu, India.



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I am a former Secretary of the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board. I am a former Raja Ramanna Fellow in the Department of Atomic Energy. Free lance journalism is my hobby
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