A US Cancer specialist faces up to 215 years of consecutive prison sentences

A US Cancer specialist faces up to 215 years of consecutive prison sentences

 An unthinkable crime  took place in USA.  Farid Fata,  a Lebanese  physician  owns  a cancer treatment clinic with seven offices in the Detroit area, Michigan Hematology Oncology, and a diagnostic testing facility, United Diagnostics. He billed Medicare, the federal health insurance program for around $225m  during  2007- 2013 and collected  $91m of the total claim.

In 2013, police caught up with him on the charge that he falsely diagnosed cancer in patients and gave them unnecessary chemotherapy so as to bill Medicare for millions of dollars. He may be imprisoned for 215 years of consecutive prison sentences ; he has already pleaded guilty to 16 counts of health care fraud and money laundering

He admitted that he gave chemotherapy to some patients while knowing that it was unnecessary.

According to the British Medical Journal US attorney Barbara McQuade  revealed that apart from stealing money ,he tortured patients by telling them that they have cancer. It seems that he treated hundreds of patients.It was  a cruel and unethical practice.

“One patient preparing legal action, Dave Kroff, attended Fata’s clinic 13 days a month for seven years to receive chemotherapy for a disease he never had. The potent drugs so damaged his immune system that he lost both legs to infection. Another plaintiff, the family of Donald Virkus, said he developed a real blood cancer after receiving chemotherapy for a fabricated esophageal tumor.”, the British Medical Journal (349:2014) reported

According to BMJ, Angela Swantek, 45, a chemotherapy nurse who warned state authorities to investigate him in 2010, only to be told a year later that their inquiries had revealed no wrongdoing.  But FBI raided his offices three years later.

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