The Hindustan Times and Towering trouble

The Hindustan Times and Towering trouble

The Hindustan Times continues to cover issues related to telecom towers. The last among the series titled ” “towering trouble” appeared today (26 April 2013). I was slightly worried because another feature called “building trouble” appeared recently!. “towering trouble” may continue hopefully as the concerned authorities are not apparently taking stringent action

“Towering trouble” reports as usual gave an update on related developments occurring in the corridors of Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation.

I was also pleased to see the usual claim “HT has been consistently carrying reports on the health hazards posed by mobile tower radiation” highlighted in the report (Mind you, now the claim is about real hazards and not “suspected” hazards).

This time the report speaks directly to the troubled readers. This time the report cautioned the readers thus:

“This directly concerns you as people living close to mobile towers are at a risk of health disorders such as sleep disturbances,headaches, fatigue, joint pains, memory loss, increased heart rate among other things.”

This time I was relieved to see a few symptoms such as indigestion,acute itchiness, increased reaction time,burning and tingling sensation in the scalp,dizziness etc which were referred to the report of The Hindustan Times of 15 July 2012  were missing from the present report.  The all embracing catch phrase “among other things” may take care of such missing symptoms!

The spicy quotes and telling soundbites will continue to dominate the discourse so long as authentic resources from responsible agencies such the World Health Organization are not readily available to discerning readers.


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I am a former Secretary of the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board. I am a former Raja Ramanna Fellow in the Department of Atomic Energy. Free lance journalism is my hobby
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