I am overwhelmed by the support you receive towards your anti corruption crusade.Every section of our society is fed up with what is going on.I understand that the latest to support your crusade is the builders of Mumbai; auto unions in Delhi and Mumbai expressed their support a day or two earlier. The Dubbawalas of Mumbai expressed their solidarity.

You may continue to insist on the Government accepting the “Jan Lokpal” bill. You have other equally important roles to play as one of the very few surviving Gandhians. Mahatmaji believed in converting his adversaries through peaceful persuasion.

You presently enjoy the support of every section of our society; it is time for you to ask your supporters not to accept or receive bribes. Every hour you must personally read a suitably worded pledge. LET IT GET THE WIDEST PUBLICITY. LET THE TV CHANNELS VIE WITH EACH OTHER TO SPREAD YOUR PLEDGE. IF YOUR SUPPORTERS DECIDE TO FOLLOW THE PLEDGE WE WILL WIN HALF THE WAR AGAINST CORRUPTION.

I do not know whether I will be accepted as a member of the civil society. I am a retired senior scientist.I served the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre for about 20 years and the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board for the next 20 years. Since 2004, I serve the Department of Atomic Energy as a Raja Ramanna Fellow. I am apolitical. Future generations will remember you for your constructive role, if you personally remind every one about the need for probity in public life. If you are able to convert one percent of your followers……..

About ksparthasarathy

I am a former Secretary of the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board. I am a former Raja Ramanna Fellow in the Department of Atomic Energy. Free lance journalism is my hobby
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  1. NB Nair says:

    So far I had read only scientific and technical write-ups of Dr Parthasarathy. I am highly impressed with his open and clear expression of support to the Anna Hazare Movement.
    Of course it is not a total surprise for me. I had heard Parthasarathy in many symposia in BARC. One central thing I could find in his speeches and writings is his “balanced concern” for the general public in radiation related fields; whether it is Nuclr Reactors, use of radiation and radio-isotopes in medicine, agriculture, engineering or in any other fields. I find his write-ups on most of the topics of interest to the common man to be simple and factual and free of technical jargons, which I consider as a trademark of his ‘deep knowledge and self confidence’ in the fields that he handles.
    I am sure Dr Parthasarathy’s open support to Anna Hazare Movement will be taken as a step forward worth imbibing by others in the scientific and technical fields.
    NB Nair.
    (Scientific Officer – Retd., BARC)


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